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Страна: Филиппины
Район: Филиппины
Город: Quezon City
Улица: Lot 10 Block 210 Labayane Street, North Fairview Park,
Телефон: +6 32 4175842
Факс: +6 32 9517994
Firm Rank: 0
A&R Craft Philippines Inc., an Energetic manufacturer and exporter of Philippine Giftwares and Decorative Craft products. We specialize in the production of Gift Packaging, Novelties & Crafts, Holiday Decors - Christmas, Easter & Halloween, Everyday, Functional, and All-Seasoned products utilizing different indigenous materials abundant in our country. Some of our products exported globally are; * Trays, Pouches * Boxes, Canisters * Handpainted Tins * Paper Mache items * Glittered[...]