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Aroma Dead Sea more

Страна: Израиль
Район: Израиль
Город: Tel Aviv
Улица: 12 merckaz baaley melacha
Телефон: +972 3 5252211
Факс: +972 3 5252212
Firm Rank: 0
Aroma Dead Sea – Company Profile Aroma Dead Sea was founded in 1997 in order to produce and market cosmetics, beauty and spa products based on Dead Sea minerals and mud. The company started out by developing a series of products for the domestic market, opening a concept store in Tel Aviv. As demand by Israeli and foreign customers grew, the company opened a branch in Europe, and is now opening a store in the United States. In addition, customers worldwide can buy products via Aroma Dead[...]

Silverbyte Systems more

Страна: Израиль
Район: Израиль
Город: Nesher
Улица: P.O.Box 490
Телефон: +972 4 8812812
Факс: +972 4 8210903
Firm Rank: 0
Silverbyte Systems is a leading supplier of advanced, superior technology to the hotel business. With over 300 installations in Israel, Europe and Africa and a fully operational ASP to the hospitality industry, the company has the resources to be continually developing its products; whilst still small enough provide personal customer attention. Silverbyte Systems has specialized in setting up advanced solutions for hotel chains based on centralizing computer resources and information. This solution[...]