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GiveMe Unlimited Inc. more

Страна: Филиппины
Район: Филиппины
Город: Pasig City
Улица: ShopC GF/ Crisanta Tower, Capt. Henry Javier St.,
Телефон: +63 2 3962929
Факс: +63 2 6722360
Firm Rank: 0
GiveMe Unlimited Inc. The enterprise and wireless solutions provider. GiveMe Unlimited is a software development company specializing in wireless technologies such as SMS (short message service or text messaging) and WAP (wireless application protocol) GiveMe Unlimited's main office is based in the Philippines, considered as the "SMS Capital of the World" with more than 35 million mobile phone subscribers sending more than 200 million text messages everyday! Competitive Edge GiveMe[...]


Страна: Филиппины
Район: Филиппины
Город: Quezon City
Улица: Talipapa
Телефон: +1116 63 9550025
Факс: +1116 63 9558000
Firm Rank: 0

Your Offshore Team more

Страна: Филиппины
Район: Филиппины
Город: Caloocan, Metro Manila
Улица: Ph.1 Bagong Silang
Телефон: +63 915 9320394
Факс: +63 915 9320394
Firm Rank: 0
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