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SimplexSys Information Technologies more

Страна: Греция
Район: Греция
Город: Thessaloniki
Улица: Empedokli 5
Телефон: +30 2310 559292
Факс: +30 2310 559293
Firm Rank: 0
SimplexSys Information Technologies, is a small and flexible IT company, established in 2005, by experienced IT proffessionals with deep and concrete knowledge of technology and market issues. SimplexSys is focused in designing, developing and marketing products and services that are aiming in problem-solving tools for companies and proffessionals. Our great experience, and our deep understanding of the users' problems are the guide in creating new solutions, simple to use, simple to learn, simple[...]

CreteSupplies more

Страна: Греция
Район: Греция
Город: Iraklio
Улица: Faistou 18
Телефон: +30 2810 326272
Факс: +30 2810 211618
Firm Rank: 0
We are a leading importer and suppliers of all kind of business and computerised office equipments. We are also regularly trying to develop the quality of the products we are supplying as per the specifications and demands of our regular customers. We continuously are investigating Greek market, listening customers demand and proposing ideas according to their demands. We feel proud with regularly feed back by getting repeated order from our customers.[...]