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EBN Resources (Pte. Ltd.) Company more

Страна: Maлайзия
Район: Maлайзия
Город: Taiping
Улица: 60 Jalan Taming Sari
Телефон: +60 5 8072743
Факс: +60 5 8078875
Firm Rank: 0
EBN RESOURCES Pte. Ltd. Company is a registered company in Malaysia and specialises in the Edible Bird's Nest Industry namely supplying of Equipment and Accessories, Books and manuals on the Cultivation of Bird's Nest, Consultation for the building of Bird Houses for Swiftlets, Import and Export of White Bird's Nest. We own a few Bird's Nest 'farm' and are now offering our expertise to the general public. Most countries in South East Asia do have the kind of Swiftlet that produces Edible[...]