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Страна: Бразилия
Район: Бразилия
Город: Belo Horizonte
Улица: Afonso Pena, 952 - 3° andar - Sl 330
Телефон: +55 31 3393746
Факс: +19 738 075883
Firm Rank: 0
Let us introduce ourselves as a Group of Brazilian companies based in Europe named GLOUCESTER SERVICE LTD, GABONBRÁS LTD and SECOEX GROUP. With wide experience in more than 20 years in the international trade, our Group is always operating in some activities of foreign commerce as EXPORTER & IMPORTERS. We have been catching and intermediating potential importers for Brazilian products or from abroad. Our customers are practically in all the continents, to where we have exported SUGAR ICUMSA[...]