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Unitat Plastica de Barcelona more

Страна: Испания
Район: Испания
Город: Barcelona
Улица: Llull 93
Телефон: +34 93 3003283
Факс: +34 93 3000618
Firm Rank: 0
In UNITAT PLASTICA DE BARCELONA we have been developing and manufacturing biodegradable funeral items and emergency supplies for more than 20 years. We are specialized in biodegradable and environmental friendly body bags, such as Unidegra body bag (100% biodegradable) and Bioplast body bag (50% biodegradable). We also produce regular PVC body bags, bone bags, photodegradable sheets, books of condolences and biodegradable cremation urns ,etc... Since we are manufacturers, we can modify[...]

Confecciones Este more

Страна: Испания
Район: Испания
Город: Burgos
Улица: C/ Juan Ramon Jimenez
Телефон: +34 947 483611
Firm Rank: 0
Confecciones Este is an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer of workwear for general industry and specialist PPE. The company based in Spain was founded in 1978 is one of the strongest players in the domestic Spanish market as well as exporting to various European countries. Large stocks are held of all catalogue items and these are available for immediate delivery. We also keep fabrics in stock which allows us to produce our general industry wear in various different colours and fabric qualities.[...]